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Westminster Christian School

The mission of Westminster Christian School is: Empowering learners, preparing hearts, and inspiring lives to faithfully serve as ambassadors for Jesus Christ. Empowering Learners • Promoting a relevant and rigorous college-preparatory education that focuses on individual learning, gaining knowledge, and building skills to be prepared for a diverse world • Encouraging creativity, activating curiosity, fostering engagement, and boosting the ability to solve problems effectively from research, personal analysis and investigation • Delivering a well-rounded educational experience through academics, technology, fine arts, athletics, and community service • Providing a safe environment to explore and discover through communication and collaboration with teachers and peers Preparing Hearts • Recognizing the need of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ • Upholding and strengthening faith formation through biblical integration and developing a biblical worldview • Building character and instilling Christian values through relationships and experiences • Equipping students with skills to stand for their faith Inspiring Lives • Identifying and developing students' God-given gifts and talents • Understanding of a healthy self-image through God's forgiveness and restoration • Modeling Christ's example of love and service through Christian living and thinking • Witnessing God's love to the world

6855 SW 152 Street
Palmetto Bay, FL 33157

Warrior Week Chapel, August, 2018