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Ukulele Kids Club, Inc.

To harness the healing power of music by promoting and supporting music therapy programs for hospitalized children, by giving away ukuleles to children in need through music therapy programs and sending the children home with the gift of music for life, and by advocating for the benefits of music therapy. Medical research shared by the American Music Therapy Association reports music provides amazing therapeutic benefits to sick children: assisting with pain management, decreasing the anxiety of hospitalization, and providing emotional support during medical procedures. The child-sized ukulele is the perfect instrument for this work. As of March 2015, the UKC had donated over 500 ukuleles to more than 80 children's hospitals around the country. Many of our hospitals are on their third, fourth, even fifth batch of ukuleles - a testament to the program's success and efficacy.

11097 Cleary Blvd., Suite #110

Plantation, FL 33324

"This is Camila! She likes dolphins and the color purple. Music Therapy was consulted to decrease anxiety, normalize the hospital environment, and elevate mood. She tried guitar, but fell in love with the ukulele. I asked her if she would like to have her own to use while in the hospital and for home. She smiled saying, 'that would be awesome!'" -Katherine, Chris Evert Children's Hospital, Music Therapy Intern, Broward Health