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The mission of the TRC is to provide relief and resolution from traumatic and accumulated stress. The main services of the agency include client-centered, individual trauma-specific treatment and psycho-educational groups. Our holistic services include Eastern practices such as breathwork, yoga and meditation, as well as medical services, acupuncture, massage and advocacy. We also provide court evaluations and expert testimony for refugees and victims of violence. Community Resiliency programming includes training trainers in the community on simple, but powerful stress relief techniques. School-based programming includes individual treatment, tutoring, art and service projects. We provide training in our agency model to other agencies, healers and mental health professionals. In supportive housing and residential settings for youth, we provide trauma-informed psychosocial rehabilitation. Our goal is to provide an in-depth and respectful service that empowers individuals, leaving them less likely to need any further community services.

4343 W. Flagler St
Coral Gables, FL 33137

Our staff has trained representatives from the Guatamalan police force on our victim advocacy procedures.