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Thelma Gibson Health Initiative - TGHI

TGHI is dedicated to improving lives in low-income neighborhoods with programs for critical needs, better health, new skills, jobs, housing and economic stability. Since inception in 2000 TGHI has been fighting the effects of poverty in communities where 1 in 4 families battle poverty, illiteracy, drug dependency, HIV, delinquency, teen pregnancy, gangs, crime and hopelessness. The initial focus of the Health Initiative was to reduce HIV and substance abuse in the West Grove, South Miami, and Coral Gables, and to help residents find resources for critical living problems with a staff of Master’s-level Counselors and Clinical Social Workers. Within a few years, the agency added programs to help families with education, teen violence, and social and life skills. Recently TGHI has added job training and placement for all ages in our CANTEEN Jobs Program, and our Passport Curriculum for Practical Skills. Plans are underway to replicate the Canteen Jobs Program and Passport Curriculum in more locations in Miami-Dade County.
TGHI esta dedicado a mejorar las personas que viven de bajo recursos en nuestros vencindarios. Con programas para las personas con nesecidades criticas y mejorar su salud y ayudarlos con trabajos, alojamiento y estabilidad economica.

3634 Grand Ave

Coconut Grove, FL 33133-4953

(305) 446-1543
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