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The Project [theatre]

EVERY NIGHT'S A STORY The Project [theatre] is redefining the theatrical experience. We ignite a new generation's thirst for live theatre by blurring the line between spectator and spectacle. Dedicated to producing new and relevant works that plug you in and immerse your senses, we create unforgettable experiences worthy of your next status update. We educate and foster young artists and encourage social awareness within our community. We pledge to remain affected by our environment and to never stop evolving. The Project [theatre] is a theatre company that doesn't perform in theaters. The Project was founded to tell stories relevant to our lives and the life of our community. With the belief that a monumental change in the way people consume media and art is underway, we set out to redefine the theatrical experience. Since then, The Project has approached storytelling differently, taking theatre out of the confines of its traditional setting and keeping the audience experience paramount in the creation of the work. With a mission to redefine the theatrical experience, The Project creates theatrical events that immerse audiences inside the world of the play - a world where anything is possible.

40 NW 3rd st
Miami, FL 33128

Photo by Jason Koerner