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The Nature Conservancy in Florida

The Nature Conservancy believes in a future where people and nature flourish together. In Miami, The Conservancy is working to protect our natural treasures and quality of life. Your generous donation will support the Conservancy’s programs in South Florida, such as: 1. Wagner Creek Greenspace Project: Along the banks of this long-neglected creek that winds through Miami’s Health District, the Conservancy is spearheading a restoration project that will create new public greenspace with native plants, trees to provide shade, natural areas that will help reduce flooding, and habitat for urban wildlife such as pollinators and birds. The greenspace will offer the people who live, work, and visit the area with a welcoming place to connect with nature. Your donation will help make this an incredible greenspace! 2. Strengthening Our Coasts: We are protecting and restoring our coastal ecosystems so that they can protect us. Florida’s coral reefs, oyster reefs, beaches, and mangroves can help protect people and property from flooding without negatively affecting the wildlife habitat, recreational value, or economic benefits of natural areas. We’re implementing projects that not only protect the communities that live and work along our coasts, but that also create sustainable neighborhoods that promote healthy living.

255 Alhambra Circle
Suite 640
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Wagner Creek waterway in Miami's Health District is in need of restoration. The Nature Conservancy is spearheading an effort to revitalize this area and create welcoming and functional greenspace.