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The Education Fund

The Education Fund provides private sector leadership and support for innovation in public education. We design and implement initiatives that involve the entire community in improving our schools.Our mission is to maximize every child's potential and ensure that each one graduates with every opportunity for success. We've increased the percent of students going to college or career/technical programs by 34%; improved children's eating habits by more than 52% and science scores by 84%. We've built 51 school edible gardens, including 20 Food Forests, giving 34,000 children food-based lessons, cafeteria meals with garden harvests, and over 76,000 harvest bags to take home. Our Ocean Bank Center for Educational Materials has supplied over $8.7 million in free classroom and art materials to teachers. We create outlets for student creativity, team-building, and critical thinking through our “Art of Found Objects” exhibition and awards ceremony. We help top teachers share best practices with ALL 18,000 teachers in Miami-Dade, including STEM and Robotics curriculum projects. Thousands of business people learn to appreciate the teaching profession via our Teach-A-Thon. Hundreds join us each February for A Taste of Education, featuring student culinary teams and top judges -- a la South Beach Wine & Food Festival. Business professionals celebrate the Teach-A-Thon, see mini-installations of our work, eat fabulous dishes, and more.

6713 Main Street, Suite 240

Miami Lakes, FL 33014

(305) 558-4544
Students at Lake Stevens Elementary School show off produce from their Food Forest used in a cafeteria meal. Food Forest harvests have been used in participating school cafeterias more than 3,000 times. The Food Forest program reaches 34,000 students in 51 schools, causing 52% of students and 50% of parents to improve their eating habits. In the last two years, students have brought home over 76,000 harvest bags of Food Forest produce to eat at home.