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The Childhood Cancer Project

We are a grassroots organization made up of volunteers who are dedicated to fighting pediatric cancer. We are uniquely placed to make a difference through medical and clinical research. Our goal is to advance the current understanding of cancer biology and explore new ways to cure, control, and prevent disease. Our sole purpose is to raise funds for childhood cancer research and our mission is to find cures. The Childhood Cancer Project funds scientific research activities, specifically clinical research as well as translational and pilot research. Our mission is to fund cancer research in order to save lives and improve outcomes for children affected by childhood cancer by being: the catalyst for pioneering research the trusted source of information the voice of the childhood cancer community a supportive network Together, with your help, we provide patients and families with hope.

1065 NE 125th Street
Suite 300
North Miami, FL 33161

The Childhood Cancer Project was founded by the parents, family members, and friends of Joshua Segal, who began his battle with osteosarcoma, a rare type of childhood cancer, in 2015. This photo is of Joshua and his friends celebrating his 13th birthday in May of 2018.