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Student Finance League

Student Finance League is a nonprofit that partners with shelters, schools, organizations, federal agencies and law-enforcement hosting workshops and seminars to teach money, business and life skills. The focus is on the language, vocabulary, conversation and confidence promoting equality, stability and opportunity. After 4 years and 16000 case studies, it was concluded there is no shortage of financial literacy efforts, yet a language barrier between professionals and community. This program teaches the language, vocabulary, conversation and confidence in the topics of banking, debt, credit, loans, college/education, housing/real estate, tax, accounting, investing, retirement, marketing, sales, professionalism, business, entrepreneurship, interviewing, resumes, legal, insurance, fraud and scams, budgeting, and maintenance. We are not aiming to teach how to become experts in all industries, yet how to do research, build confidence and learn intelligent communicating within areas of life dealing with money. Our focus is working with victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, abuse and exploitation,along with special needs, at-risk, veteran and homeless populations. student finance league leverages each participants abilities, goals and strengths to groom happy, safe and healthy members of the community.

456 NE 194 terrace
Miami, FL 33179

This image describes the program that we offer as well as pictures from various workshops that we have participated in around the Southern Florida area.