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Storycrafter Studio

Storycrafter Studio aims to promote creativity and thought through the production of plays and shows--particularly new plays by local playwrights--presentations of artwork, books by local artists and authors, and through intellectual discussions and talks. Towards this goal we are committed to gender parity regarding the production of shows written or directed by women, multicultural casting of shows, and the filming of many of our shows and talks and posting them on Youtube. We won a 2014 and a 2017 Applause Award for achieving gender parity, and since our rebirth in 2016 we hope to earn an Applause Award every year.

240 Ne 118 St
Miami, FL 33161

This is from Flesh and Blooders written and directed by Cynthia Clay. A mad puppeteer who hates people hires two apprentices, an Indian immigrant escaping an arranged marriage and a guy with amnesia who walks in off the street.