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Social Impact Movement

Social Impact Movement connects Miami to global topics, converging ideas, people, information, and resources related to the Sustainable Global Goals (SDGs) for Miami. We foment environments to boost social change linking and highlighting SDGs' initiatives taking place in Miami. Educating, creating events, workshops that facilitates an interactive dialogue among stakeholders from cross-sector industries. A curated social-info hub with topics related to: . SDGs information for Miami; . Impact stories; . Free courses and capacity building webinars; . Access to volunteering hubs and platforms; . Selection of curated TED talks and Youtube videos; . A space for browsing, discovering, sharing, learning about amazing people, mission-driven organizations, socially responsible entrepreneurs, government actions, and much more to inspiring you to join in our thriving Miami globally connected community! Our top meaningful engagement project started in May/2018, during the week of Connect Miami. #SDGsInMiami is an open channel for connecting Miami enterprises, citizens, and government to the Sustainable Development Goals, educating while fostering cross-sector dialogue among stakeholders. Sharing tables with hosts, dialoguing among proposed topics, and switching tables to learn another topic. With this specific format, it is the human interaction that creates the cultural environment for engaging in a nurturing dialogue.

1951 NW 7th Avenue
Ste 600
Miami, FL 33136

Social Impact Movement, Welever, The Idea Center, Startup FIU, and UNA-USA Miami together bringing Miami closer to the Global Goals. As a young international entrepreneurial city, we need to prepare our Miami community to actively participate in the Agenda 2030, demanding and holding accountable the ones managing important topics that impact individuals, city, businesses, governments, and countries. Our joint effort has been recognized and featured on the Localizing the SGDs, a UNDP global initiative curating tools and guidelines related to the SDGs around the world. The most powerful approach to raise awareness is by connecting to an educational component, creating a format that could nurture while engaging, both hosts and attendants. A learn and share environment enabled by our structure of promote dialogue by sharing tables, where hosts and attendees meet, interact and learn from each other. Thanks for joining in this positive ecosystem!