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Social Impact Movement

Social Impact Movement is the One-Stop place to get connected to social causes. Expanding and creating new opportunities for individuals to connect, participate and share their experiences related to the Social Sector. How we do that: Aggregating social sector info, creating an interconnected environment among the entire socio-ecosystem (nonprofits, volunteers, educational institutions, and corporations), providing reliable information while offering access and opportunities to unveil the change makers of our society. SIM on a glimpse: Our platform works in a two-way mode. Partnering with as many as nonprofits, proposing a new marketplace “to post” their volunteering opportunities, and access to match in-kind donations while offering to our members an easy way to browse and find volunteering and donation opportunities aligned with their choices. SIM Advantages: Customized to causes that you really care about. Easy way to find and book volunteering opportunities using the geo-locator. (MRT) Mutual Rating System for participants and organizations. (STR) Social Track Record of the volunteering history provided to all users. (ECP) Electronic Certificate of Participation helping schools validate student community service hours. Social Impact Movement is proud to be a Miami tech social-enterprise committed to spreading awareness using creativity, innovation, and technology to boost social change.

1951 NW 7th Avenue
Ste 600
Miami, FL 33136

This is the pdf we first send by email, when approaching a new organization. Shows a brief of our What How and Why.