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Sandy Hook Promise

Sandy Hook Promise’s (SHP) mission is to prevent gun violence BEFORE it happens by creating a culture engaged and committed to identifying, intervening, and getting help for individuals who may be at risk of hurting themselves or others. This is achieved by training youth and adults in SHP’s four Know the Signs (KTS) violence prevention programs, delivered at no cost, to middle and high schools nationwide: 1) Start With Hello teaches youth how to minimize social isolation, marginalization, and rejection by supporting the creation of an inclusive community that reaches out and connects with at-risk individuals. 2) Say Something teaches youth to recognize warning signs, especially in social media, from individuals who may be a threat to themselves or others and Say Something to a trusted adult or report it using our Anonymous Reporting System. 3) Signs of Suicide Prevention Program trains youth and adults how to identify, intervene, and get help for people who may be depressed or suicidal. This program is delivered to youth, educators, and parents. 4) Safety Assessment and Intervention teaches a multidisciplinary team within a school how to identify, assess, and respond to threats of violence or at-risk behavior BEFORE a tragedy takes place. To date, SHP has trained 3.5 million youth and adults in 7,000+ schools and youth organizations in all 50 states. KTS is in some of the largest school districts in the country including Miami-Dade.

13 Church Hill Road
Newtown, CT 6470

Students at Coral Reef High School in Miami embraced Sandy Hook Promise's Start With Hello program and held activities in common spaces throughout the school to engage as many of their peers as possible in building a more inclusive school community.