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Rescue Paws 4 Furry Hearts

Our mission at Rescue Paws 4 Furry Hearts is to rehabilitate, vet and re-home dogs that are in need. We also provide resources and training for CGC, Therapy and Service Dog Training to help veterans and others dealing with PTSD, anxiety and depression. We Help, Overcome, Persevere and Educate in order to improve the quality of 2 lives, a dog in need and a person in need.

5324 SW 132 Avenue
Miramar, FL 33027

Rescue Paws has had to endure many financial challenges since we started our 501C3 non-profit organization back in 2015. These pictures are a reflection of some of our latest challenges from December, 2016 to present. A part of our mission is to rehabilitate dogs in need. We have rehabilitated dogs from 19 puppies with Parvo virus, 2 dogs from demodex mange, 1 dog from testing heartworm positive, 2 puppies from genetic deformations in the joints, dogs with heart murmurs, serious cases of anemia, one leading to a blood transfusion and 2 dogs in need of orthopedic surgery. We believe that when you commit to rescuing a dog, you need to follow through until the end. That is the true meaning of commitment in rescue.