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Reef Environmental Education Foundation

REEF was founded in 1990 because of a growing concern about the health of the marine environment, and the desire to provide the public ways to contribute to the understanding and protection of marine populations. REEF protects biodiversity and ocean life by actively engaging and inspiring the public through citizen science, education, and partnerships with the scientific community. REEF’s strategic partnerships with government agencies, scientific and academic institutions, the non-profit sector, the dive industry, and local communities amplify the efforts of individual volunteers, allowing them to make significant contributions to ongoing conservation projects worldwide. REEF houses the world’s largest marine based citizen science data gathering program (Volunteer Fish Survey Project) containing over 9 million fish records. REEF has been leading efforts to address invasive species worldwide for over 25 years, including lionfish, through education, control, market development, and research. REEF's International Headquarters, located in Key Largo, Florida, serves the local communities of south Florida with over 5,000 members in Miami-Dade alone, and visitors to the Florida Keys by providing educational programming for all ages on fish identification, invasive species prevention, endangered species and conservation awareness.

98300 Overseas Highway
Key Largo, FL 33037

Collecting lionfish.