Raised for Nonprofits 

R STARS Project

Inspire and empower deserving youth to shine in the community

6538 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33141

R STARS Project engages high school volunteers to meet the unmet needs of the community, bridge the generation gap, promote service learning, and provide opportunities, regardless of their circumstances, to be recognized as compassionate, caring, and capable citizens. CommUNITY events will include intergenerational activities among teens and senior citizens, such as teens to to encourage students to be compassionate and prove that their choice to volunteer is one of importance. By infusing old school values with new school culture, young adults and senior citizens can find common interests and passions. R Stars Project also facilitates workshops throughout the year to prepare seniors with the life skills necessary post-graduation. Teens who have actively engaged in donating at least 25 hours of volunteer service during academic year will be recognized for their commitment by going to their high school proms at no cost. Prom is the way we celebrate deserving high school students so that they continue to shine from the inside out.