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Project Motherpath, Inc.

Project Motherpath, Inc. is a non profit organization working to normalize and revalue all aspects of parenthood through outreach, education, community building and activism. Our mission is to empower families to create their own network of resources and to make informed decisions. Our programs provide quality care, education and support focused on fostering independence and respectfully guiding families through the often challenging journey of pregnancy, birth and parenting.

16821 NE 6th Avenue
North Miami Beach, FL 33162

Moms attending our "Footsteps" Postpartum Adjustment support group. A group for mamas to BE postpartum that's free. Facilitated by an awesome volunteer team of mama-psychologists. At the heart of everything we have ever done for pregnant and parenting families in Miami is Footsteps, and its foundational idea that there should be a place to gather, and be supported. And be heard. And be seen. In all your fabulously perfect imperfection. And be accepted anyway. So if a mama is looking for a place, to be. With other mamas. She can come to Footsteps. Every week. Every Thursday. 11-2.