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Power Access Inc

Our Mission is to celebrate the abilities of people with disabilities while insuring their access to the entire community. “It’s about our ability, and not our disability.” “Aim to provide viable solutions for challenges, whether physical, visual, hearing or intellectual.” “Display our talents, which extend deeply into our hearts and souls.” “See our skills.” “Feel our humanity, our passion, our love.” “See us laugh and laugh with us.” “See us cry and understand that we don’t want pity.” “Expand the minds of those in our community… because we are people. We are not a disability.” “In our dreams, we are just like you: We can see the ocean… We can walk on the beach… We can hear the waves… And we can think clearly.” “In our waking hours we’re also like you but you may not know how. We want you to understand what we have to offer. We do not fear or long for what we don’t have to offer.” “Gather all of us together to share our experience.” Power Access Inc. thrives to produce and present cultural and artistic productions through creating awareness in the community about people living with disabilities. Our approach is to educate the community while giving them an enhanced experience which will create tolerance and mutually beneficial relationships. In producing an event such as the Annual South Beach Jazz Festival, we are reaching a diverse group of people through the events. We will promote its growth so that it becomes a primary destination for enthusiasts world-wide.

1616 Michigan Ave #1
Miami Beach, FL 33139

A jazz festival unlike any other, the 3rd Annual South Beach Jazz Festival will take pride in featuring talented musicians with disabilities, while raising public awareness of persons who have disabilities. There will be about 35 performers and over 15 other people collaborating on this project over this exciting weekend. All acts performing under the festival’s auspices will showcase the artistry of at least one person with a disability. More information available on southbeachjazzfest.com.