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Omega Activity Center Foundation

The Omega Activity Center Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation organized under the State of Florida on May 3, 2002 under document number N02000003452. MISSION The mission of the Omega Activity Center Foundation, Inc. is to provide activities, services, support and funds to service-related organizations and individuals of the community and surrounding areas in order to enhance the lives of the citizens of the Miami-Dade and Miami Gardens community. GOALS The goals of the Omega Activity Center Foundations, Inc. are: • To raise money through fundraising, grants and rentals in an effort to provide financial support for selected programs, services and activities of Miami-Dade County; • To sponsor a program which provides participating young men ages 9 to 17 with mentoring, educational, cultural, social, emotional and psychological activities designed to provide good life skills and prepare participants to become wholesome, successful, productive, and contributing members of our community; • To work with other city, county and community, educational, fraternal and social agencies to achieve common goals and objectives designed to improve and enhance the lives and conditions of our citizens and community; • To support the activities and programs of other community-based and sister organizations in serving our citizens and community.

15600 NW 42 Avenue
Miami Gardens, FL 33054

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