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Olympia Theater

The Olympia Theater was built in 1926 and is a beacon for the South Florida arts community. The mission of Olympia Center, Inc. is to preserve and promote the Olympia Theater and Office Building as a dynamic, Downtown Miami cultural institution. The magnificently restored theater is home to live performances, films, community events, corporate meetings and social affairs. Tucked into Miami's contemporary skyline is the enchanting Mediterranean courtyard with shimmering stars and golden balconies. Majestic turrets and towers suggest another era when performances were events and grand theaters provided a dreamlike escape from the modern world. The Olympia Theater is a beautiful, historic venue that supports the entertainment industry in South Florida. The Olympia Theater caters to South Florida's diverse community and international guests, providing them with a unique cultural experience that defies comparison. The Olympia Theater is located at 174 E. Flagler Street.


MIAMI, FL 33131-1203

(305) 374-2444
Interior of the Olympia Theater in Downtown Miami.