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SoBe Arts

SoBe Arts promotes excellence, creativity, and accessibility of the arts through performance events of the highest quality, in music and related artistic disciplines. The Institute is committed to the sustained development of creativity and cultural life in individuals, the region and the nation by advancing artistic talents, regardless of income. A major goal is to cultivate new audiences for the fine arts.

900 Bay Drive
Suite 505

(305) 674-9220
SoBe Arts presents: TESLA, an interdisciplinary opera about the exceptional life and brilliant inventions of Nikola Tesla. The opera, narrated by Mark Twain, reveals that Tesla was responsible for developing one of the single greatest inventions of all time: the AC electrical current. Tesla's legendary battles with Thomas Edison and their connections with George Westinghouse, JP Morgan, and Albert Einstein are woven into a libretto written by the late playwright, Thomas Babe, and composer, Carson Kievman. Realizing that his many inventions were fossil fuel-consuming, Tesla, a true visionary, gave away a vast number of patents and went to work on a device that would connect humanity to the very wheelwork of nature and allow the extraction of free energy for all. This work will not only bring Tesla into focus as one of the 20th century's greatest geniuses, but will contribute to raising awareness of the dangers of living unsustainably, as Tesla predicted over a century