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MorningStar Renewal Center

MorningStar Renewal Center is a spiritual renewal, faith formation and personal and social justice action center. The primary mission is to serve the people of South Florida with engaging programs and retreats that enliven, enhance, and empower people of all faith traditions as they seek to renew and grow their spiritual resources. MorningStar provides facilities and programs that to over 10,000 persons each year with emphasis given to programs for personal renewal, leadership development, youth and family support and strengthening, 12-Step Recovery programs, contemplative prayer training, exploration of new and renewed modalities for spiritual growth and development. MorningStar Renewal Center is a place where doors and hearts are open to all people who seek and experience a spiritual awakening and desire to discern their own response to that in their lives.

7275 SW 124 St
Miami, FL 33156

Graduating class of 2018 Peer Ministry Program - Learning to Lead by Serving Others! Peer Ministry Training is just one of the many pastoral programs and retreats for people of all ages to deepen their spirituality, explore their gifts, and be equipped to serve others with love and compassion!