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Miami Miltary Museum and Memorial

The Military Museum of South Florida is dedicated to saving and interpreting the rich military heritage of South Florida. We honor military service, sacrifice, and accomplishments, and their importance to the community, Florida, and the nation. We present the history of WWII in south Florida, and likewise the heroic clandestine military activities of the Cuban Exile community of anti-Castro freedom fighters during the Cold War. We examine Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan today, with our focus on Florida and especially Miami-Dade County. We are housed, appropriately, in the last remaining structure of our WWII Naval Air Station Richmond (Richmond Heights south of Miami). We are located on the grounds of Zoo Miami, immediately next to the Goldcoast Railroad Museum.

at Zoo Miami Center, 12460 SW 152 St
C/o 1825 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Box 367
Coral Gables, FL 33134-4418

(305) 905-5196
This is the Miami Military Museum, now entering final phases of restoration. This historic structure was built in WWII as Headquarters for the Navy Blimps that fought against the Nazi U-boats attacking Florida. After the Castro Revolution it served as the secret training site for Cuban Exile anti-communist Freedom Fighters. Later it was our US Army Reserve Center, and finally our Marine Corps Reserve Center. It embodies 50 years of our Miami military heritage.