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Miami-Dade Coalition for Community Education

The mission of the Miami-Dade Coalition for Community Education (MDCCE) is to strengthen our Community Schools by serving as advocates whose sole purpose is to promote all the endless benefits of Community Schools and Community Education for students of all ages. Community Schools afford opportunities for all generations by offering programs that address basic everyday needs, such as health and childcare, thus minimizing the destructive forces of stress within the families. Today, more parents than ever work outside the home, and many struggle to secure adequate after-school care for their children (U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Justice, 1998; U.S. Department of Education 2000). Therefore, Community Schools offer an array of classes during non-traditional school hours, including before and after school hours, nights, weekends and even holidays. Community Schools not only serve the community; they build community. Each individual Community School delivers programs and classes, such as art, music, dance, recreation, technology education, literacy, tutorial, and so much more. When people feel valued by their school, they reciprocate by supporting that school and school system. Community Education is a win/win situation!

7525 SW 24 Street
Miami, FL 33155

The Most Outstanding Instrumental Ensemble Performance, performing at our School House Awards Breakfast.