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Mahogany Youth Corporation

Give a child a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach a child to fish and feed them for a lifetime. Our mission is to empower kids to expand their possibilities through fishing. Imagine children that want to learn, are paying attention and are being successful in school. Fishing is the hook that we use to get the youth's attention. Then we motivate, mentor and teach them to stay in school, set and achieve goals and become successful contributing members of society. How? By getting them outdoors and active. We strive to give youth an opportunity to develop life skills and enhance their self-esteem. How? By role-playing and modeling desired positive behavior and rewarding them when they do well. Since 1994 we've delivered a program titled 'Teach a Child to Fish' to teach youth sport fishing and safe boating. We teach the kids to fish, swim, snorkel, scuba diving and enjoy the outdoors while teaching life skills to stay off drugs, in school and out of gangs.

1060 NW 85 ST
MIAMI, FL 33150

Bass Pro Shop Donated a Luxury Pontoon Thank you for donating an amazing Regency DLX Luxury Pontoon to get our kids on the water. Our partnership with Bass Pro Shops actually started a long time ago. Many years ago you guys made donations to Mahogany Youth Corporation of tackle, gear and gift cards for our events. This of course takes it to a new level.