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Locust Projects

Founded in 1998, Locust was the first pioneering artist-run space in Wynwood. Today, it is Miami's longest-running alternative space and an internationally recognized, nonprofit presenting never-before-seen major projects commissioned by contemporary artists from Miami, the U.S, and around the world. open to the public. Locust Projects' core mission is to support artists and their ideas by providing space and resources to pursue ambitious-scaled projects they could not realize in commercial or more traditional venues. Education initiatives and community outreach programs include: Locust Art Builders (LAB), an art-intensive program for teens; Locust Talks, conversations with curators; Practice + Process Talks, behind-the-scenes public access to artists and their creative process and discussions on art and issues relevant to our community; LegalLink, a program dedicated to providing artists with affordable and pro bono legal services, grants and educational opportunities; Art on the Move, temporary public art projects that inspire thinking about art and ideas through everyday interactions with art; and WaveMaker grants, which provides monetary awards to foster the development of non-commercial, non-institutional projects accessible to the public.

3852 North Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33127

CELEBRATING 20 YEARS OF SUPPORTING ARTISTS AND ARTISTIC EXPERIMENTATION! Locust Projects, Miami's longest-running alternative space, was founded by three artists in 1998 who were pioneers in establishing the Wynwood neighborhood as an arts destination. Today, Locust projects is located in Miami's Design District.