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Legal Services of Greater Miami

Legal Services of Greater Miami, Inc.'s mission is to provide free civil legal services to the low income residents of Miami-Dade County and Monroe County. We are passionately committed to achieving equal justice and the alleviation of the hardships of poverty.

4343 W. Flagler Street, Ste 100
MIAMI, FL 33134

(305) 438-2513
Mario Magana, who suffers from cerebral palsy, had to leave his job in 2009 and begin receiving disability because his medical condition worsened. Because he was no longer able to work, he was not able to maintain his mortgage payments and a foreclosure was filed against him in 2012. Legal Services of Greater Miami Inc. defended the foreclosure case on his behalf and assisted him in applying for a loan modification. At first, his mortgage servicer denied the modification, but LSGMI appealed the denial and, after extensive negotiations, the loan modification was approved. After Mr. Magana successfully completed the trial loan modification period, the mortgage was permanently modified to a monthly payment that he can afford and the foreclosure case was dismissed. Mr. Magana and his family can now remain in their home with an affordable monthly payment.