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LEAPlete Foundation

The LEAPlete Foundation's mission is to provide enriched athletic opportunities, programs and services to special needs children and adults that support, encourage and emphasize inclusion and acceptance within the community. By educating and bringing awareness to our communities, we are creating an environment in which special needs individuals can learn, develop and thrive alongside anyone. The FUSION Athletic Programs are a community-based outreach program that use athletics as a vehicle to provide active, healthy lifestyles for special needs individuals. While there are countless physical benefits of athletic programs, the social, emotional, cognitive and behavioral developments that are seen from participation in athletic programs are just as important. Through athletic programs and special events, the LEAPlete Foundation is able to help further the building of life skills and experiences so many special needs individuals miss out on and are over overlooked.

10338 SW 187 Street
Miami, FL 33157

A snapshot of our FUSION Cheerleaders hitting their pyramid as they performed their routine at the Match Play Championship in West Palm Beach last season.