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Kiki's Place of Care and Kindness

Kiki’s Place of Care & Kindness believes in the compassionate treatment of all animals and is dedicated to promoting responsible rescue and adoption for animals in need. We believe every animal is worthy of receiving loving care and kindness. RESPONSIBLE RESCUE: Our goal is to be able to provide animals in Kiki’s Place with the love and attention, veterinary care, and fostering or living space it needs for a quality, content life. Rescued cats that are difficult to re-home are given the chance to live out their years in a nurturing environment at Kiki’s Place. However, Kiki’s Place is not an open-intake shelter and due to very limited space, we take in animals only when space and resources allow us to on a case-by-case basis. FOSTERING: We seek to build a network of foster homes and partner with other rescue groups. Kikis Place will provide foster homes with food, supplies, litter, and veterinary care. All you have to provide is the care, kindness, love and attention that all our rescues deserve. ADOPTION: Kiki’s Place is dedicated to rescuing animals and placing them in loving, permanent homes. All pets that come through our program receive veterinary care and are spayed or neutered before they are adopted out to the public. TRAP-NEUTER-RETURN: Kiki’s Place promotes Trap, Neuter and Return as the most humane and effective way to control the community cat population. We provide information and resources to spay or neuter community cats and help you solve cat issues.

PO Box 560584
Miami, FL 33256

Pandy and Bailey - these sweet sibling sisters were rescued from Miami Dade Animal Services as 5 week old kittens with three other siblings (all adopted). They were adopted at five months old and returned less than a year later. Kiki's Place vowed to keep them together and months later they were adopted into a perfect home where they are cherished and loved for life.