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Michael's Magic Camp

Established in the spring of 2003, the Michael Scholz Memorial Fund honors former Key Biscayne resident Michael Scholz, his passion for the outdoors, and his magical way of touching the lives of the people he brought together. The fund’s mission is to teach young people how to preserve and protect South Florida’s fragile environment and ecosystem, and places special emphasis on reaching youth who face challenges, such as those who live at or below the federal poverty line, are mentally or physically disabled, have experienced mental or physical abuse, or who would otherwise lack the opportunity to experience South Florida’s unique tropical beauty. Through environmental education, the Michael Scholz Memorial Fund strives to increase admiration and respect for nature, resulting in a desire to protect and better care for our fragile environmental ecosystem.

88 W. McIntyre Street, Suite 200
Key Biscayne, FL 33149

The mission of Michael’s Magic Camp is to reach children who face socio-economic or other challenges and help them experience the tropical beauty of South Florida. It strives to teach children a love of the environment and ways to preserve and protect the ecosystem. Through the generosity of its sponsors, Michael’s Magic Camp is able to provide a magical experience to 80 children each year free of charge.