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Junior Orange Bowl

The Junior Orange Bowl serves the South Florida community and the youth of the world by providing competitive, academic and multicultural experiences. Our programs include competitive athletic events in Cross Country, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Soccer. The Junior Orange Bowl also hosts a three-day series of events for adaptive athletes - the Sports Ability Games. The academic programming includes STEM Robotics, Photography, and Creative Writing - these programs include competitions and community initiatives to increase access to education. The Junior Orange Bowl also hosts the annual Parade - now in its 70th Year! This event is the premier cultural showcase for the Junior Orange Bowl, highlighting youth groups, cultural arts groups, and more in Downtown Coral Gables.

770 Ponce de Leon Blvd
Suite 102
Coral Gables, FL 33134

The Junior Orange Bowl offers opportunities for success to youth ages 8-18 through a variety of athletic, academic, and culturally rich programs.