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His House Children's Home

His House Children's Home is a private, faith-based non-profit organization dedicated to restoring joy to the lives of children from newborn to 18 years of age. Since it was established in 1989, His House has been offering safe, caring homes to abused, abandoned and neglected children in South Florida.

20000 NW 47TH AVE BLDG 6A

OPA LOCKA, FL 33055-1543

(305) 430-0085
In 2015-2016... - In 27 years His House has cared for close to 14,000 children - Last year alone, close to 1400 children called His House their home - Over 394 children in foster care lived on campus in the residential program, most of these sibling groups - The His House International Program cared for over 4000 children, last year alone over 900 from five different Countries in Latin America Children's lives are better today because of YOU!