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Health Education Prevention & Promotion, Inc. (HEPP)

Health Education Prevention & Promotion, Inc. (HEPP) is an organization whose mission is to empower the South Florida Minority community to develop healthy habits for greater health through awareness, education, guidance and counseling. Our goal is to promote health and improve the quality of life of all persons in minority communities in South Florida who have or are at risk of having diabetes, cancer, heart disease and other chronic diseases. We are an organization committed to reducing the burden of disability and death from these chronic diseases through education, prevention and early detection.The organization provides outreach and culturally appropriate health education in English and Creole at local churches, adult education schools, health fairs and community events on chronic disease prevention and healthy lifestyle choices. HEPP links community members to screening providers, assists with navigation throughout the health care system, and connects community members to appropriate resources. HEPP also provides support to those living with cancer and other chronic diseases.

2103 Coral Way
2nd Floor
Miami, FL 33321

HEPP Executive Director participating in a Health Fair in Little Haiti sharing important health information on chronic disease prevention and importance of nutrition and physical activity. Throughout the day, eligible women were registered for free annual screening mammogram.