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Health Council of South Florida

HCSF is recognized for igniting and facilitating partnerships for healthy and happy places. Our collaborative culture helps build sustainable and vibrant environments. HCSF ensures the health industry has the necessary information to make informed, strategic decisions that promote healthy communities and efficient use of resources in Miami-Dade and Monroe. HCSF carries out these efforts by assisting community partners that design programs for families and needy neighborhoods; actively connecting uninsured children and families to access to care; collecting, analyzing and translating data to educate legislators and decision-makers regarding the unmet healthcare and human services needs of the population. Our mission is to be the source of unbiased health and quality of life data and analysis; preferred partner for quality program planning, management, evaluation, and community services; facilitator of collaboration and partnerships in Miami Dade and Monroe Counties.

8095 NW 12TH ST STE 300

DORAL, FL 33126-1844

(305) 592-1452
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