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We produce cultural community events and art workshops that contributes to the creation and development of functional minds capable of forming and increasing multicultural and diversified communities where different cultural groups interact in a healthy, active and positive way. "Out of Catalog", a cultural event that connects independent artists with the community. The independent artists selected who were not included in the commercial circuits for any reason: gender, race, cultural, ethnic, the content of their works, own will or other. The event brings awareness to the community about themes related to sexual, racial, cultural, ethnic and functional diversity through art exhibitions, debates, audiovisual screening, original books, plays and music concert. "Growing Together", an art workshop to empower and heal Hispanic domestic violence survivors. In partnership with Survivors' Pathway Organization, and it is focused in painting and photography to help participants to develop awareness of their psychic material and reprogramming it: making the transition from the feeling of being a victim to the feeling of being someone who is again strong enough to confront life, a survivor. At present, we are developing "My own movie", an art workshop for the prevention of gender-based violence for teenagers and young adults that combines education on gender-based violence with the learning of audiovisual techniques. This art workshop will be released in 2019.

7250 SW 121 Court
Miami, FL 33183

Kelly Martinez, Director of Funcionarte Corp, teaches photography class in "Growing Together" art workshop 2017.