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The mission of the Foundation of Community Assistance & Leadership (FOCAL) is to increase low income families access to educational and social student support services. FOCAL support students academically while advancing the benefits and rewards of higher education, i.e. college. FOCAL envisions each child having the ability to not only graduate from high school and continue on to higher education, but to also become productive citizens who are engaged in the betterment of their community. FOCAL strives to ensure that our students have the skills, support, and motivation to pursue their academic and career aspirations. Tutoring and mentorship programs are provided. Students also receive assistance in assessing high school graduation requirements, college prerequisites and SAT preparation. Fieldtrips and gifts are used to help motivate and reward students for achieving academic objectives. Students participate in a variety of activities to explore places other than the neighborhoods where they live, as well as, discover college and career opportunities. These activities include traveling to local, national and international places. Students have the opportunity to attend local fieldtrips and statewide college tours, the program has even afforded students the opportunity to travel to China.

765 NW 36th Street
Miami, FL 33127

FOCAL students with staff