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Florida Caribbean Students Association, Inc.

Mission: The mission of the Florida Caribbean Students Association is to provide a statewide platform of leadership development, civic engagement, community service and cultural awareness among college and university students of Caribbean descent throughout the state of Florida. Organization Overview: The Florida Caribbean Students Association endeavors to provide a medium of cultural and leadership development interaction between students of Caribbean descent throughout the state of Florida; To coordinate and implement a series of community service and leadership development programs for Caribbean-American college and university students in Florida; To educate Caribbean-American and international students on various Caribbean and national issues, including, but not limited to educational, cultural, social affairs and political awareness. Each month, FCSA coordinates statewide community service and civic engagement awareness initiatives with student member organization

150 SE 2nd Avenue, suite 1200

Miami, FL 33131

(813) 789-4849
Our mission is to give students who are Caribbean or Caribbean decent a home away from home and provide opportunities to excel our students to success.