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Fatherhood Task Force of South Florida

The Fatherhood Task Force of South Florida's mission is to facilitate the involvement of fathers in children's lives and to eliminate the barriers preventing fathers engagement. We stress the inclusion of father strengthening programs in organizations as essential to building healthy families and securing the well-being of children. We proudly printed our lst Fatherhood Magazine for new, expectant and new fathers focusing on their health, mental health and involvement as they effect birth outcomes. Our lst published Neighborhood Dads Book stresses the importance of father involvement in the academic and social lives of children at home, in schools and in the community. These books are used in conjunction with the training for our Fatherhood Reading Squad program following fathers who read in schools. Our Fathers in Education Day and Fathers in Action & Advocacy Week, a collaboration with M-DCPS & The Parent Academy is celebrating its sixth year and the increase of father involvement in the education of children. Our preventive work focuses on developing classes for high school students on aspects of consistent fatherhood and its effect on children’s lives from a social policy and social issues perspective.

8300 Cheryl Lane

MIAMI, FL 33143-5523

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Fatherhood Task Force mission is to advocate for father involvement in children’s lives by emphasizing the importance of their health, mental health and engagement with their children. We provide programs, workshops and conferences engaging fathers to become advocates and educators for their children. We collaborate with schools and community organizations to provide programming and partner with policy makers to identify resolutions and bills which will increase father involvement in families.