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EatWell Exchange

To provide nutrition education with a focus on culture to low socioeconomic communities. We provide presentations for schools, community centers and at various events. Working with community leaders to give their areas the education they need to make better choices using the foods unique to their culture that they already know and enjoy. We also focus on access and affordability of healthy foods to increase the availability of healthy foods in their homes.

20535 nw 2nd Avenue
Suite 203
Miami, FL 33169

Eatwell Exchange took their first international mission to Grand Goave, Haiti! Hosted by Carl's Village, we experienced their culture and learned about their traditional foods. we provided nutrition education to the children there and prepared a healthier rendition of their favorite meal, Spaghetti with smoked herring. We played games with them to teach them about the nutritional value of foods they are accustomed to and did a scavenger hunt to expose them to new fruits and vegetables. We incorporated physical activity by playing musical chairs with a blend of Kompa and hip-hop songs and we did several relay races.