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EatWell Exchange

To provide nutrition education with a focus on culture to low socioeconomic communities. We provide presentations for schools, community centers and at various events. Working with community leaders to give their areas the education they need to make better choices using the foods unique to their culture that they already know and enjoy.

20535 NW 2nd Avenue
Suite 203
Miami, FL 33169

Eatwell Exchange had a table at the event with visuals representing a healthy plate, sugar content in popular beverages and trivia questions for families to answer. While the event was going on administrators, staff, parents and community members were able to ask questions and be provided with healthy and affordable recipes for families. Families were given divided lunch boxes to help encourage healthy portions, snack containers and healthy snacks. Interactive trivia game was played on stage with participants. Game used crowd participation and student volunteers to help children learn how many servings of fruits and vegetables are needed per day, how much water they should have and also what foods belong to which groups. Physical activity was incorporated by having children toss bean bags to guess the correct answer