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Dogs on the Move by Pawsitive4life

Our goal is to secure the safe haven of shelter animals from the South Florida/Miami area. We aim to help save as many lives as possible by transporting them out of South Florida/Miami and into other areas of the country where they will be placed in loving homes. The focus is to raise the funds needed to achieve this goal to rescue and re-home as many animals as possible each and every month. As of October 2018 we have now saved over 4600 dogs from South Florida shelters.

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Courage is a dwarf Pittie, with MANY physical and psychological medical issues. When he was in the streets of Miami, the other dogs picked on him incessantly and so did the people. He was tormented everyday and when he got to the shelter, Jessica Garcell, who worked at MDAS at the time, made it her mission to make sure he was saved. And who better than DOGS ON THE MOVE to step up to rescue him? He has been through so much including more medical tests than you can ever possibly imagine. Many did not think he would make it but we knew that where there is LIFE, there is HOPE. We were truly honored and grateful to have the chance to help this amazing boy, who has shown more courage than most people, if put in the situations that he was in.