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Dimensions Dance Theater of Miami

Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami seeks to connect with residents of South Florida and familiarize them with the ever-evolving depth and relevance of the ballet art form; enriching their lives through accessible performances of the highest quality which emphasize ballet’s vast stylistic range and its significance as a part of American arts and culture. The organization will foster and create professional opportunities for both local and performing artists from abroad. Local ballet students of an advanced pre-professional level will be offered educational and performance opportunities through an apprenticeship program which will allow them to collaborate and learn directly from experienced professionals. The resulting creations will be presented for the enjoyment and cultural advancement of the greater South Florida community. Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami intends to interact with Miami’s youth by creating a variety of outreach programs including community youth classes in conjunction with particular performances, children & family educational presentations and demonstrations, and after-school workshop classes for public school students.

2741 SW 30th Ave.
Miami, FL 33133

DDTM Dancers performing Resident Choreographer Yanis Pikieris' "Imagined Notions" at South Maimi Dade Cultural Arts Center, July 2018