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American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora

Cuban Museum, Inc.

The purpose of the American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora is inherent in its mission: to document, showcase, and interpret the art, culture, and history of the Cuban Diaspora. Towards the fulfillment of its mission, the Cuban Museum sets forth its vision to establish a museum with the following objectives: To collect and preserve relevant historical and cultural documents, artifacts and artworks that help to document and interpret the cultural heritage and legacy of Cubans in the diaspora. To interpret Cuban Culture within the context of the exiles’ experience, emphasizing their contributions to the multi-ethnic, multi-national community. To provide and present multi-disciplinary and interactive educational and aesthetic programs to the general and visiting South Florida public, relative to the various aspects of Cuban diasporic culture. To establish collaborative relations with other Arts and Humanities Institutions, Museums and Cuban-American cultural organizations in the U.S. and throughout the various communities of the diaspora. To guide itself and abide by the principles that guarantee the human rights and freedoms of humankind.

1200 Coral Way
Miami, FL 33145

(305) 529-5400
Museum building under construction