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Crystal Parrot

OUR VISION -- Raise awareness about our history, celebrate our global community, explore our heritage and pay homage to our diversity. OUR MISSION -- Reestablish the historical and cultural connections of South Florida and its Keys, the Bahama islands and the diverse islands of the Caribbean; -- Engage a cultural exchange and collaboration opportunities between leading artists, accomplished historians, archaeologists and anthropologists; -- Serve as an outlet for local artists, designers, actors, poets, dancers, singers and musicians; and to -- Produce outreach events that raise awareness of preservation efforts that affect our local communities. OUR LEADING PROJECT -- Restore the Mariah Brown House in the heart of Coconut Grove. OTHER PROJECTS -- Preserve the Miami Circle in Downtown Miami and install a life-sized sculpture honoring indigenous people worldwide. For more details, images, and video links please visit our homepage crystalparrot.org

6501 SW 62 CT
Miami, FL 33143

This marker sign was put in front of the Mariah Brown House by the City of Miami, describing the pioneer community of West Grove.