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Coral Morphologic

Coral Morphologic is a Miami-based scientific art endeavor founded by marine biologist Colin Foord and musician Jared McKay in 2007. Together they seek to build empathy and awareness between humans and corals through a diversity of public projects that elevate corals into pop culture as the neon icons of 21st century Miami. Coral Morphologic's current objective is to develop a coral nursery along South Pointe Park in Miami Beach in partnership with local schools. This location presents a unique opportunity to grow, study, and transplant corals in a publicly accessible location. Water probes will record important scientific data useful to students and scientists alike, such as sea level rise, acidification, and pollution. An underwater webcam will live-stream the tropical fish and marine life via the internet to reveal to the world unique and beautiful nature of Miami's urban coral reef ecosystem.

835 NW 7th St

Miami, FL 33136

'Flower Animal' - a Miami-Dade Art in Public Places and MIA Galleries presented collection of 11 acrylic mounted metallic photographic prints of fluorescent soft corals native to South Florida. Hung near Gate D32 of the America Airlines terminal in the Miami International Airport