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Superhero Leadership Academy

Superhero Leadership Academy is a partnership between educators, students, and the business community. Our Movement (Extracurricular Leadership Club) is led by a county-wide assortment of principals, teachers, education support employees, students, parents, and other business and community citizens who are representative of the ethnic, racial, linguistic, disabled, and economic community served by the participating schools. SLA will give students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and cultivate skills that complement their college and career development, while forming meaningful mentorships with peers and leaders in their community. We spearhead and facilitate partnerships, to unite education and economic interests by creating positive learning opportunities. All children innately have superpowers. They are naturally curious and unapologetic about it. That gift is their voice, reason, and how they see and interact with the world. However, as they grow, social and media influences often quiet their unique voices. SLA seeks to amplify these internal voices as they learn how to better their decision-making skills and communicate their beliefs. Through superhero mentorships, we will help develop and transform students’ skills into employable skills they can take forward into college, their careers, and daily lives. We will create synergies between students and the industries that provide employment opportunities by bolstering active youth leaders (superheroes).

2103 Coral Way
Suite 200
Miami, FL 33145

SLA Interns attended the County Commissioners Board meeting to advocate for their schools and local communities, the photo shows Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava, inspiring our interns before the board meeting began.