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The Advocacy Network on Disabilities

THE ADVOCACY NETWORK ON DISABILITIES champions the rights of individuals with intellectual, developmental, and other disabilities by promoting inclusion, providing services, and advancing systems change.

7990 SW 117TH AVE STE 135

MIAMI, FL 33183-3846

(305) 596-1160
For the past 40 years, The Advocacy Network on Disabilities has worked as Miami-Dade’s lead agency advocating, and providing supports and services for Miami residents with disabilities and their families. The Advocacy Network on Disabilities’ accomplishments include founding the All Children Together (ACT) Resource Network, an initiative of The Children's Trust, a county wide effort to increase our community's capacity to provide quality, inclusive programs to children and youth with disabilities. With funding from Miami-Dade County, the United Way of Miami-Dade, and the federal government, The Advocacy Network on Disabilities continues assisting thousands of families find needed supports and services, prevent homelessness, and increase financial stability. The Advocacy Network on Disabilities, works to influence public policy, legislation, and service delivery systems to be more responsive to the needs of people with disabilities.