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Before It's Too Late

Before It's Too Late uses art and technology to inspire people to take action on climate change. This year our main programs include the Miami Murals AR (augmented reality) climate murals, the Remembering Miami community storytelling project and an illustrated climate change AR book.
Before It's Too Late utiliza el arte y la tecnología para inspirar a las personas a tomar medidas sobre el cambio climático. Este año, nuestros programas principales incluyen los murales climáticos AR (realidad aumentada) de "Miami Murals", el proyecto de cuentos de la comunidad "Remembering Miami" y un libro ilustrado de AR sobre el cambio climático.

314 NE 88th Street
El Portal, FL 33138

Our first "Miami Murals" AR (augmented reality) climate mural is located at 1800 N Miami Ave. It shows Miami’s vibrant colors, materialism and party culture as a facade balanced over an eerie, lifeless depth. Warning signs – like the canary – illustrate our ignorance to the impending threat. Through an AR experience, participants can travel into two alternate futures for Miami, where they are confronted with the direct question of how they will shape the city’s future.