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Beauty of Sight Foundation

Beauty of Sight Foundation's mission is to promote awareness of and provide support for vision related research, services and education. We provide monetary support to scientific researchers and research laboratories seeking treatments and cures for diseases that cause visual impairment and/or blindness. In addition, we support and provide eye safety and eye health awareness to the general public through targeted campaigns and health fairs. Our vision is a future in which no individual will have to live with visual impairment!

900 NW 17th Street
Miami, FL 33029

Carmen is one of many members of our community living with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease that causes total blindness. Carmen received the Argus II "bionic eye" implant to help her regain some sight. With the help of Beauty of Sight Foundation, Carmen is now able to recognize shapes and letters and has regained some of her independence.