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Augusto Soledade Brazzdance

Our mission is to promote the production of dance as a form of art by bringing cultural and artistic awareness to communities through cultural, educational and charitable activities, to function as a dance company, providing a ground for the creation of new dance works by the Founding Artistic Director, to develop future dancers and expansion of audiences, through dance concerts, classes and workshops, to be an active agent in the discussion of dance as a form of art, its philosophy, history, aesthetics and furtherance of the Founding Artistic Director's artistic vision.

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This work is inspired by the life of the legendary outlaw Maria Bonita of Brazil. The work investigates life as outlaws; the intrinsic limits and pressures of motherhood and love in such adverse environment. As in much of Soledade's repertory, the blend of dance styles found in "Diaries of an Outlaw" yields a work that is at once athletic and nuanced, both percussive and fluid, as it captures the rhythms of the outlaw life. Photo by Mitchell Zachs Dancers: Roderick Calloway, Manuela Sanchez and Brittany Williams